I cant use my card? - Make sure you have accepted online payments! 

There is something wrong? - Please report it to our E-mail! 

Where can i park? - Where other Scooters park and at side of the Sidewalks! 

Where can i drive? - Keep to the sidewalks or side of roads! 

When can i ride? - 07.00-23.59 daily , scooters will start to vanish last 2-3 hours! 

How do i unlock the scooter? - You scann the QR code with the QR scanner! 

What happens if i ride outside the Green area? - You can get a 50 € ticket! 

What happens if i park outside the Green area? - You can get a 100 € ticket! 

What happens if the Scooter gets tolen? - You must immediately inform US or POLICE 

What happens if something breaks? - You report it! 

What is the maximum weight? - 100 kg!

What if i dont return the scooter before working hours ends? - You will get charged a 100 € fine, if scooter is not returned by 10.00 the following day, the mezzi scooter is deemed to have been stolen , in such event you agree to bear the cost of 1500 €.

What happens if i use someone elses card? - You will be fined 100 €. 

What happens if i miss the picture? - If the scooter would get stolen, you will be fined 1500€  

To ride a MEZZI-scooter, you must follow the below rules and conditions: 

  1. Wear a helmet. 
  2. Abide by all traffic laws. 
  3. You must not ride down steep hills. 
  4. You must be 18 years of age or older. 
  5. When you are riding, you are riding at your own risk. 
  6. Only one rider at a time is allowed to ride the MEZZI. 
  7. More importantly, please respect the ride and traffic.